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“Since 2009 I have been collaborating with BIOTA in applied conservation actions related to freshwater ecosystems. It has been a great pleasure to do so and allowed me to apply scientific knowledge to concrete conservation problems, and to use this experience to improve scientific knowledge itself. BIOTA has proved to be a very valuable partner, with a competent and motivated team that has the necessary experience to tackle each challenge. Overall, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with BIOTA during all these years!”

Joaquim Reis

Researcher, MARE - marine and environmental sciences centre - University of Lisbon

May 2021

“BIOTA works with us for 10 years and I can only thank the effort and professionalism of their team. I must stress out the balance between experience and youth, the trust in the achievement of the objectives… and most of all, their commitment at the time to carry out the work.”

Diego Fernández

CEO, Biosfera

April 2021

“I’m very happy to express our satisfaction with the services performed by BIOTA, with whom we have collaborated since 2009 in several aquatic ecosystems monitoring programs and efficacy of environmental flows. Over these 11 years, BIOTA has shown a strong customer orientation, willingness to find the most appropriate solutions and a high technical and scientific competence, fully meeting our needs. I truly recommend their services.”

João Pádua

EDP Labelec

April 2021

“We are working with BIOTA since 2020, to monitor biological systems of Mel and Pisões Hydroelectric Power Plants. This first monitoring year was developed as adequate and concluded on a totally satisfactory way. BIOTA is monitoring ecological water quality and hydrogeology, the priority habitat 91E0, amphibians, reptiles, birds, terrestrial mammals, and bats. Work carried out by BIOTA perfectly fulfilled our expectations.”

Luis Cuadrado

President of the Board of Directors, INTERPOWER - EXPLORAÇÃO DE ENERGIA, S.A.

April 2021

“Work with BIOTA is to feel as part of their team, where professionalism and camaraderie are the basis for everything! They are always open to new challenges and looking forward developing new approaches for their services, on which they are really the best. BIOTA is the best partner for who wants quality work, from a company that assumes as crucial values honesty, respect, transparency, and true team spirit!”

Patrícia Figueiredo

CEO, Go'we - consultancy, education, territory

April 2021

“My work experience with BIOTA happened in a very stressing situation and it was plainly positive. I highlight the professionalism, technical reliability, objectivity, and scientific accuracy of their team, jointly with their integration capacity and ability to generate synergies in a multidisciplinary team. Always keeping a positive mindset, their cooperation certainly contributes for the quality and success for the studies they work to.”

Carlos Guerra

Architect, Environmental Impact Assessment for IA Moncorvo Iron Mines Reactivation Project Coordinator MTI – Ferro de Moncorvo, SA

April 2015

“COBA works with BIOTA since 2010, and we identify in the several studies they carried out a different attitude comparing with other consultants. Besides their technical accuracy, BIOTA assumes a proactivity that shows their ability for teamwork, contributing to achieve the best solutions, which is the main reason that makes us prefer them as our biodiversity consultant.”

Sofia Arriaga e Cunha

Environment and Landscape Director, COBA, Consultores de Engenharia e Ambiente, S.A

April 2015

“Since its foundation, BIOTA has been VISA Consultores “Biodiversity team”. The quality of their services, supported by the remarkable commitment and flexibility of their team, brought a closeness between both companies just comparable with our own team. It’s a partnership for the future and crucial for VISA development.”

Mário Bastos

CEO, VISA Consultores, “pioneer client”

April 2015

“Consultancy services carried out by BIOTA showed their high professionalism and technical proficiency. The contribute and effort of their team allowed to articulate highly specialized and pioneer studies with construction works in specific stretches of Sabor river. BIOTA team capacity to adapt to unexpected situations, for which they promptly identified and implemented solutions, while allowing to comply with the defined deadlines, must be stressed out.”

Teresa Rocha

EDP Produção, Sustainability Department

April 2015

“BIOTA is one of the most solid Portuguese biodiversity consultant “boutiques”. Their commitment to assertively correspond to their clients expectations by developing high quality projects and reports are their biggest asset. My cooperation with BIOTA has been focused on evaluation and valuation of ecosystem services for Portugal and Mozambique.”

Nuno Gaspar de Oliveira

Consultant and Researcher, Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services (freelance)

April 2015

“The best I can say about BIOTA, from a lot of things I could highlight, is that it is the company that I recommend to all of my clients!”

Luciana de Jesus

Archaeologist, Muntu Ardhi Partner - Estudos Humanísticos, Lda

April 2015

“To work with BIOTA is to work with friends, with the guarantee to receive a quality work. In last years we have been working regularly, in several partnerships, all successful. In short, it is a company to recommend.”

Pedro Duarte

Geologist, Freelance Consultant

April 2015

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