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Since 2008 we have travelled a truly challenging way, from a local business in Lisbon to a company with work done in several countries.

Along this journey we accomplished more than 450 projects of different typologies, meeting a lot of places, a lot of partners, a lot of friends, a lot of challenges, and a lot of achievements.

Our accumulated experience made us more skilled and creative to face new challenges, to meet new people and to help them to find more sustainable solutions, reconciling nature preservation with the profitability of their projects.

The present and the emerging environmental risks give meaning to our commitment, and we feel lucky enough to do our small role in leaving a better world for future generations.

We look forward to meeting you along the way.

Patrícia Rodrigues
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Biodiversity with creativity!

we are

BIOTA is an environmental consulting company specialized in biodiversity and water. Based on an experienced, highly specialized, and permanent team of biologists, along with a broad geographic network of external consultants, we have assembled highly competitive techniques and methodologies to conduct assessments and analyses of terrestrial, aquatic and marine fauna, flora and ecosystems.

Our goal is to achieve the best balance between biodiversity conservation and development of client’s projects, through high quality baselines, assessment and monitoring studies and the implementation of the Mitigation Hierarchy. We adhere to the best professional practices, working in accordance with national legislations and, whenever required, following the international guidelines (e.g. IFC Performance Standard 6 – Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources, Equator Principles).

Overcoming challenges with creativity is part of our DNA! Therefore, in the last years, we are partnering with entities of the scientific system, technology companies, among others, for joint research projects, taking our solutions to a next level.

Our Team

Patrícia Rodrigues

Founder Partner & Chief Executive Officer | BSc

Sónia Malveiro

Founder Partner & Project Manager | BSc | Flora, Vegetation and habitats

Vitor Rodrigues

Partner | BSc | Technological innovation advisor

Daniel Pires

Project Manager | BSc MSc PhD | Aquatic fauna

Susana Rosa

Project Manager | BSc PhD | Terrestrial fauna

Dárcio Sousa

BSc MSc | Aquatic fauna

Joana Pereira

BSc MSc | Freshwater mussels

Guilherme Gonçalves

BSc MSc | Fauna

Luís Gomes

BSc | Marketeer

Isabel Marques

Administrative and financial support

Our Principles


BIOTA believes in long lasting relationships to grow in a sustainable way.


BIOTA considers its employees welfare fundamental in its company policy.


BIOTA seeks on a daily basis for more quality in its services, always trying to overcome client’s expectations.


BIOTA supports fair budgets of projects, ensuring sector sustainability and quality service.


BIOTA reinforces its internal team with the best contributors and experts in the market, to ensure service quality.


BIOTA supports continuing professional development of its employees, not only at a technical level, but also regarding safety procedures.


BIOTA integrates local specialists in projects abroad, optimizing service quality.


BIOTA cares and respects laws, guidelines, and procedures, as well as cultural values of countries where it works.


BIOTA is a solidary company, fair and open towards its employees, contributors, and clients.


BIOTA aligns with the African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Our Values

Technical competence

we support

In BIOTA, we believe that each one of us can contribute for a better world, that’s why every year we donate 1% of our annual profit for Eden Reforestation Projects https://edenprojects.org/partners/seed-partners-5/. These funds are used for planting trees in Mozambique projects where the main objectives are:

  • Restore native forests
  • Provide food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil regeneration and climate regulation through a village-wide tree planting program.
  • Lift people out of extreme poverty.

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Our Numbers

Number of Employees

7 F
7 M

Number of Projects by Country

352 Portugal
23 Mozambique
16 Angola
4 Algeria
1 Malawi
1 Spain
1 Namibia

Number of Projects by Sector

124 Mining
45 Wind farms
38 Hydropower
36 Roads and Railways
27 Tourism and Urbanization
25 Agriculture
24 Livestock Farms
18 Conservation
18 Power Lines and Substations
17 Solar Plants
11 Oil & Gas
5 Industry
9 Others

Number of projects by type of service

285 Impact Assessment Mainly Biodiversity Chapters
45 Biodiversity Monitoring
38 Conservation & Management
17 Mitigation Hierarchy
10 Water Services
7 Communication
4 Biodiversity Contents
4 Capacity Building
2 Research and Innovation
2 Others

Number of Clients

80 Clients

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