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We bring

Cultural diversity

We are a team of experts in biodiversity able to work in portuguese, english, french and spanish. We benefit from an international expert network to guarantee we develop our projects in the five continents with a local understanding of the natural and cultural diversity.

About us
We bring

Service diversity

Our aim is to provide the best solutions to our clients, tailoring our service to their specific needs while complying with the best practices and guidelines. We work for a wide range of activity sectors, encompassing renewable energies, oil & gas, mining, infrastructures, agriculture, livestock, industry, tourism, conservation, education, etc. Our main services include Impact Assessment, Mitigation Hierarchy, Biodiversity Monitoring, Ecological Water Quality Status evaluation, Environmental Flow estimation, Environmental Flows Regime Efficacy assessment, Hydromorphological characterization, Biodiversity Conservation & Management, Biodiversity Contents, Communication Plans, Research, Innovation and Development and Capacity Building.

What we do
We bring

Geographic diversity

Since 2008 we participated in 450 projects in Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Angola, Algeria, Malawi and Namibia. Although we work where clients need BIOTA support, our portfolio is focused on Portugal and Portuguese Speaking African Countries. We look forward to extending our activity to other geographies.

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ABC-Apoio de Base à Criatividade
Convento de São Miguel das Gaeiras
2510-718 Gaeiras


Rua Carlos Ramos, n.º 9 A
Urbanização Jardim da Amoreira
2620-529 Ramada

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